Eastern activities Doradca

Doradca has decided to enhance its Eastern Activities i.e. consulting services in Russian speaking countries: Russia, Ukraine Belarus. Doradca will also be aiming at Kazakhstan soon.

In each of the countries Doradca established partnerships with lawyers, accountants and other consultants. They all represent high professional level and, with the help of Doradca and under its supervision Doradca is able to render useful business services to investors and exporters from EU. Of course Doradca takes the responsibility for all this services as the contractor to clients.

So called “Eastern consulting” has always been present in Doradca, but recently, regarding the growing demand, Doradca decided to invest more to enhance it, making it one of its strategic topics. Doradca has not only recruited valuable consultants and partners but also started to establish links with local business organizations and authorities, which is essential for doing business in those countries.