Berenschot is an independent, thoroughly Dutch management consulting firm with an international orientation. Since 1962, the firm has had an office in Brussels, Europe's capital. We are also a member of the E-I Consulting Group, a network of leading independent consultancy firms. As a company, we have led various projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, the Caribbean and Suriname.

For 80 years, 350 employees throughout the world have impressed our clients in the public and business sectors with smart, new insights. We go out and acquire these new insights and turn them into something practicable. We do this by combining innovation and creativity. Every time all over again. Clients opt for Berenschot because our advice gives them a head start.

Our firm is staffed with inspiring and determined individuals who all share the same passion: organising, i.e. transforming complex issues into practicable solutions. Because of our broad sphere of activity and extensive expertise, customers can call on us for a wide variety of assignments and projects. And we can put together multidisciplinary teams to tackle all aspects of an issue.

We devote a great deal of attention to the quality and development of our professionals. Because the bar is set high. Our clients are entitled to expect the best consultants and excellent professional advice based on the latest insights. This is why we put a great deal of emphasis on high-quality education and training: personal reflection, experimentation and skills development. In addition, we offer employees ample room for R&D in areas of socially-relevant, economic or professional subject areas, and encourage them to develop publications in these areas.


Main Branch
Europalaan 40
3526 KS Utrecht
PO Box 8039
3503 RA Utrecht
The Netherlands
T +31 (0) 30 2916 916
F +31 (0) 30 2947 090

Our firm also has branches in Belgium, the Carribean, Brazil and South Africa.

Mrs. Nicky Brotherton

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