Stakeholder Dialogues at Power Station Sites energy company

On behalf of a large energy company, IFOK is responsible for the substantive and organisational design, facilitation and support of a series of power plant fora which serve as round table discussions at various power station sites.

The Power Plant Fora are part of a comprehensive stakeholder management policy at the sites of the power plants. At these sites, the energy company is planning the construction of new generation units to replace technically obsolete ones, and to increase output capacity. P


articipants of the fora are stakeholders from the respective regions: the fora bring together interested and affected parties from politics, administration, environmental organisations, citizen initiatives, businesses, trade unions, and churches with representatives from sites from the energy company. IFOK is also responsible for the PR work surrounding to the dialogue processes. Power Plant Fora are taking place or have been implemented at the following locations in Germany and abroad: Datteln, Staudinger, Wilhelmshaven, Stade, Gönyü (Hungary), Malzenice (Slovakia), and Antwerp (Belgium). Further dialogues for other locations are currently in preparation.


The Power Plant Fora meet at regular intervals to discuss issues surrounding the construction projects. The goal is to clarify facts, find agreements between sometimes contradictory interests, and to generate cooperative, shared solutions.

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