New Way of Working (NWW) in financial institution

A bank and insurance company considers the 'New Way of Working' (NWW) as a major cultural change, which is necessary to realize the defined corporate strategy.

Client question

  • Develop a mental program for all employees and managers, so that the company will successfully accomplish this major cultural change;
  • Coach our departments, managers and employees in this mental and behavioral change, which is necessary for a successful implementation of NWW;
  • Develop a tailor made mental program for a total of 2.000 employees (including management).

Approach and working method

  • Together with the bank and insurance company, Berenschot developed a tailor made mental program as preparation for introduction of NWW.
  • Berenschot coached both the managers and employees
  • Extra attention and support in this change was paid to the (double) role of the management levels
  • Introduced new work styles based on NWW
  • Insight in necessary work style for involved employees
  • Made solid agreements as a team/department/users
  • Insight in effectively using the newly introduced physical working environment (new offices, etc.).


  • Strong commitment and positive energy for NWW, which lead to a solid increase of employee support for the total change
  • New insights for all employees in that NWW will only be successful when accompanied with new behavior;
  • Introduction of new work styles within the HR cycle, new set of competences for management;
  • Follow-up mental program in work meetings, team meetings, etc.

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