Municipal Energy Efficiency Initiative - Community Energy Forumultation process to network expansion in Germany

IFOK advised and supported a network agency methodically to help to design and implement a communication strategy for the consultation process.

IFOK GmbH launched The Municipal Energy Efficiency Initiative with the support of a manufacturer of heating systemes. The Initiative aimed to raise the potential of existing local climate protection efforts, while drawing attention to long-term strategies and greater savings possibilities through energy efficiency measures. The core of the initiative was the Local Energy Forum - a ten-part series of dialogue sessions which took place in nine European Metropolitan Regions in Germany in 2010. These sessions were conducted in cooperation with regional governing bodies and senior local and regional policy actors. The Municipal Energy Forums aim to provide comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of energy efficiency and provide a dialogue platform for experts and decision makers from various municipalities.


An advisory board composed of independent practitioners and energy experts provided technical guidance to the Initiative. The board was chaired by Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. IFOK GmbH was responsible for the Initiative's process design and methodology, as well as the implementation and documentation of the Local Energy Forums.


The results of the ten forum sessions were summarized in the publication, 'The Local Agenda for Energy Efficiency', which was presented in the spring of 2011 to decision makers and stakeholders from government, industry and society.

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