Assessment and development centers for an insurance company

A large insurance company in the Netherlands needed assessment and development centers for the future employees of the organisation.

Client question

  • Assess every potential new member of our organization by measuring the uniform core competencies.
  • Plan one day in-house interactive assessments.

Approach and working method

  • Interview and psychometrical testing (i.e. personality questionnaire and intellectual capacity tests), role-play exercises.
  • Working closely together with internal assessors.
  • Periodical fixed format selection days.
  • Results shared on the same day: quick process from first contact to job offer.


  • Uniform and careful selection method.
  • Clear, solid and valid advice on job suitability.
  • Co mprehensible assessment reports: qualities, areas for improvement and recommendations for further development.
  • Strong reduction of ‘false positives’ (i.e., candidates who are erroneously hired for the job).
  • Learning organization (internal assessors learn how to make solid selection decisions and improve on how to give feedback).

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